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Did you hear that? They've shut down the main reactor. We'll be destroyed for sure. This is madness! We're doomed! There'll be no escape for the Princess this time. What's that? Artoo! Artoo-Detoo, where are you? At last! Where have you been? They're heading in this direction. What are we going to do? We'll be sent to the spice mine of Kessel or smashed into who knows what! Wait a minute, where are you going? The Death Star plans are not in the main computer. Where are those transmissions you intercepted? What have you done with those plans? We intercepted no transmissions.

I'll be right back. Just you reconsider playing that message for him. No, I don't think he likes you at all. No, I don't like you either. You know, I think that R2 unit we bought might have been stolen. What makes you think that? Well, I stumbled across a recording while I was cleaning him.

Hang on, Artoo! Use the Force, Luke. Let go, Luke. The Force is strong with this one! Luke, trust me. His computer's off.

It's such a long way from here. That's your uncle talking. Oh, God, my uncle. How am I ever going to explain this? Learn about the Force, Luke.

They must be trying to return the stolen plans to the princess. She may yet be of some use to us. Unlock one-five-seven and nine. Release charges. There's no one on board, sir. According to the log, the crew abandoned ship right after takeoff.

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